Fly Fishing Report


The Snake River in and around Jackson Hole is dropping daily and will be clear enough to fish soon. At this time, there is a stretch of the Snake just below Jackson Lake Dam which we are guiding on that is quite clear and fishing fairly well.


Snake River Tributaries


Most of the tributaries in Jackson Hole are still muddy, but we are beginning to see some clearing. Pacific Creek, in particular, is clear enough to fish and will only get better with time.

South Fork

The South Fork is muddy and fishing very slowly.


Salt River

The Salt is high but beginning to fish. Floaters should beware since there are some bridges where it is difficult to get under.

Teton Park Lakes

Of the Teton Park lakes, Jenny is fishing the best. There has been some sporatic activity with flying black ants.

Green River

The Green is very high and somewhat silty. A very experienced angler may have some luck with streamers, but dry fly action is very doubtful.

Yellowstone National Park

The Firehole is still fishing ok, but it is dropping and will soon be to low to fish. The Gibbon is another option.